Honda CB750 Nighthawk Carburetor Cleaning

Cleaning an Inline four CB750 Nighthawk carburetor assembly can be overwhelming. DO NOT listen to the people who shoo off carb cleaning like it’s a walk in the park and it only takes tools and “common sense”. The truth is, if you have never ventured this deep into a carburetor system it can be a […]

Fuel Additives and Carburetor Cleaners

The discussion of fuel additives and carburetor cleaners is an endless debate that is both subjective and can proves different results for multiple different situations. Do fuel additives work? Yes.. Can fuel additives fix your dirty carbs? Probably not.. When it comes to which carburetor cleaners, the argument of which is best doesn’t end with […]

How To Adjust Throttle Cable Freeplay

Throttle freeplay is a terribly overlooked adjustment that can change both the reaction and comfort of your motorcycle. Knowing how to adjust your throttle cables properly is a great way to custom fit your bike to you and what you are comfortable with. Don’t just deal with your sluggish throttle… FIX IT! Check out this […]