Carburetor tuning can be an endlessly confusing and tricky topic to conquer. Especially when you modify your bike to fit your style. If you are into the custom side of motorcycles. Where cutting, chopping, and deleting what the bike came with to make it your own.

Knowing what you will need to do to the carburetors to help the bike perform like it should needs to be your TOP PRIORITY. Otherwise, you have done nothing but make a bike that is completely un-rideable. AKA “the craigslist bike”.

If you are looking for jets and other various carb part needs, check out

Check out this weeks video as we nail down the huge topic of pod filter carb tuning and bolt on exhaust upgrades and what you need to do to the carburetors ability to keep up with the changes.

[VIDEO] Carburetor Tuning For Pod Filters and Aftermarket Exhaust

PS If you need help cleaning out your set of carburetors, be sure to check out my cleaning tutorials here >