The discussion of fuel additives and carburetor cleaners is an endless debate that is both subjective and can proves different results for multiple different situations. Do fuel additives work? Yes.. Can fuel additives fix your dirty carbs? Probably not..

When it comes to which carburetor cleaners, the argument of which is best doesn’t end with one easy answer either. With all the home remedies and store bought products you see how do you choose the best one? Which ones are worthless and which ones will actually prove their worth?

The answer that most people don’t like to hear is that it just all depends… How messed up are the carbs? How long did they sit with gas? Have you opened them up to have a look?

Knowing this info will be the only way to decide which route to take when it comes to how harsh of a chemical cleaner will be needed.

In this video I put a couple recommendations to the test. Putting them through a 24hr soak with some pretty disgusting carb parts to see which one out performs and which one is a total bust.

The results are pretty interesting.. CHECK IT OUT!